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      selective     size
      Molecular joints size Axle side 70 80 80 90
      Frame side 62 62 70 70
        Preference Angleα 49°25';48°17';53°00'; 44°25';47°45';

The V-shaped thrusters bear longitudinal and lateral loads and, together with 2 guide/straight thrusters, perform all axle control functions. The V-type thrust rod is preferred for heavier rear axle loads, such as in the tractor of a semi-trailer or in the double-axle suspension of a flatbed vehicle. Through our optimized design, the weight of the V-shaped thrust rod is reduced. This clever lightweight structure and functional optimisation is achieved while saving costs and improving vehicle dynamics. During the optimization process, the safety aspect of the chassis is always given the highest attention.

Keywords:Drive axle|Front rigid axle